An ongoing investigation into the testing of new equipment and the recent article below regarding the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) involved in an alleged cover up has angered the Equestrian community and the media. This was due to the FEI refusing to honour the FEI constitution and code of ethics and be transparent by supplying the 2014 and the alleged 2016 WTP NP bit testing reports. After assessing the evidence in this matter the media and equestrian community made the following comments …“this smacks of corruption”… “So sad to know what your up against corruption”… “If you ask me the whole regulation system for equipment and tack needs a big overhaul, especially considering the lack of an evidence-based, and transparent process as you have experienced”… “This is disgraceful and if they won’t supply the reports it stinks of corruption and the President should be sacked” Further the FEI, ECIU “Equestrian Community Integrity Unit” which was formed following the 2008 FEI scandal whereby all members of the FEI Dressage committee were asked to resign immediately. We have a phone recording conversation with the ECIU who has criticised the FEI. They stated, “you do get some funny attitudes from FEI people” “By reading all the expert reports they should be approved and on the face of it, the WTP bit is a good piece of equipment and I can’t understand why they would not approve it” Further the ECIU requested the WTP NP bit testing reports but has never received them. Following the FEI 2008 scandal the FEI stated transparency cannot be compromised, however, based on recent FEI correspondence it is evident there is still serious transparency and ethical issues within the FEI.

The FEI has had many opportunities to provide the 2014 WTP NP bit and the alleged 2016 FEI testing reports. We wrote the following to FEI President Mr. Ingmar De Vos and other high-ranking officials. “No one can fathom why you have taken such a stance against what is rated one of the kindest bits in the world other than corruption is involved. If you believe there is no corruption, please provide the reason why you have refused to supply the WTP NP testing reports. If you intend to claim there is no corruption, please provide any other reason why the previous director of the FEI dressage department Ms. Carina Mayer made her false and deceptive claims” Please note the FEI has not been able to supply any other reason. The FEI Code of Ethics states all members provide information that is accurate, complete, objective and in a timely fashion. As such, the 2014 and 2016 testing panel reports should have been provided upon request.


As mentioned by the equestrian community “If you ask me the whole regulation system for equipment and tack needs a big overhaul, especially considering the lack of an evidence-based, and transparent process as you have experienced”

There have been suggestions from the media and equestrian community that an overhaul is necessary, and this should be raised, discussed and considered at the November 2017 FEI general assembly by the National Federation members to prevent further scandals. Furthermore, there need to be changes following the testing procedures, whereby all National Federations and equipment companies should be supplied with copies of the testing panel reports immediately after testing is finalised to prevent outside commercial influence and possible corruption within the FEI. Further this is also an opportunity for the National Federations to ask the FEI to provide you with the 2014 and 2016 WTP NP bit reports, which will expose the truth and support the reason for changes.

Furthermore, there are suggestions that there should be two or three independent court judges active or retired overseeing the appeal process and integrity unit. Therefore, allowing the equestrian community or the National Federations to request the judges to review their cases. As indicated when the FEI will not provide the crucial evidence to be used for an appeal and when the FEI refuses to provide the testing reports to the integrity unit the FEI cannot be trusted and why they are being called corrupt. If independent court judges were in place the FEI members would know they can be held accountable, and this could help prevent FEI members abusing their powers and influencing others, which could cause further scandals. National Federations should call for these necessary changes which will make them feel more confident of a fair and truthful process and not having to fear that their FEI Membership would be cancelled if they challenged the FEI over issues or rules. We feel very confident if this was in place the judges would have demanded the FEI to provide the 2014 WTP NP bit testing panel reports and the alleged 2016 testing reports. We are also confident they would agree with the media and equestrian community assessment and comments and would call for the WTP NP bit to be approved immediately. The conduct during this matter by some high-ranking FEI members has proven to be unethical, and we again call for the FEI to honour its constitution and be transparent and provide the WTP NP bit testing reports.

Further, we will refer to media comments in support of the WTP NP bit case, which state: “If the FEI supplied the testing reports this matter could have been resolved a long time ago. The suggestion of re-testing is a farcical attempt to cover up this scandal and that all the FEI claims regarding the WTP NP Bit were based on deception and lies to mislead the National Federations and the Equestrian community, which challenges the ethics, integrity and reputation of the FEI. The alleged FEI testing of the WTP NP Bit was not conducted in 2016 and members of the Dressage Department Carina Mayer, Anna Milne, Bettina De Rhams, President Mr Ingmar De Vos, Secretary General Sabrina Ibáñez, Director of the Dressage Committee Mr Frank Kemperman and Legal Director Mikael Rentsch were aware of this, and that all FEI claims were false and misleading and, therefore, the WTP NP Bit should have been approved in 2014.” – Equine News. The FEI offer for re-testing as stated by the media and others is farcical and an attempt to nullify all previous reports to prevent us from publicising the truth. We again refer to the correspondence with FEI Dressage committee director Mr. Frank Kemperman, who could not find a reason for further re-testing. Furthermore, we had asked the FEI several times for a reason, and they could not find one, and neither could the 2014 FEI testing panel and all the other experts who have tested the WTP NP bits for years. Further the FEI has never challenged the 2014 FEI testing panels conduct they have just refused to supply us and the media the reports which would expose the truth and Ms. Carina Mayer’s false claims lies and deception.

Because of this ongoing investigation and further information, it is apparent that other equipment companies have encountered similar problems regarding FEI testing or non-testing of their equipment, stating they have also been misled and deceived.

Media and other Enquiries and the expert reports.
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