– 15 July 2018 –

An ongoing investigation into the testing of new equipment and further false claims made on the 4 November 2017 from the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) involved in an alleged cover up has angered the Equestrian community and the media.

The FEI has refused to honour the FEI constitution and code of ethics and be transparent by supplying the 2014 and the alleged 2016 WTP NP bit testing reports. After assessing the evidence in this matter the media and equestrian community made the following comments:

“this smacks of corruption”
“So sad to know what your up against corruption”
“If you ask me the whole regulation system for equipment and tack needs a big overhaul, especially considering the lack of an evidence-based, and transparent process as you have experienced”
“This is disgraceful and if they won’t supply the reports it stinks of corruption and the President should be sacked.”

Further the FEI, ECIU “Equestrian Community Integrity Unit” which was formed following the 2008 FEI scandal whereby all members of the FEI Dressage committee were asked to resign immediately. We have a phone recording conversation with the ECIU who has criticised the FEI. They stated, “you do get some funny attitudes from FEI people” “By reading all the expert reports they should be approved and on the face of it, the WTP bit is a good piece of equipment and I can’t understand why they would not approve it” Further the ECIU requested the WTP NP bit testing reports but has never received them. Following the FEI 2008 scandal the FEI stated transparency cannot be compromised, however, based on recent FEI correspondence it is evident there is still serious transparency and ethical issues within the FEI.

The FEI has had many opportunities to provide the 2014 WTP NP bit and the alleged 2016 FEI testing reports. We wrote the following to FEI President Mr. Ingmar De Vos and other high-ranking officials. “No one can fathom why you have taken such a stance against what is rated one of the kindest bits in the world other than corruption is involved. If you believe there is no corruption, please provide the reason why you have refused to supply the WTP NP testing reports. If you intend to claim there is no corruption, please provide any other reason why the previous director of the FEI dressage department Ms. Carina Mayer made her false and deceptive claims” Please note the FEI has not been able to supply any other reason. The FEI Code of Ethics states all members provide information that is accurate, complete, objective and in a timely fashion. As such, the 2014 and 2016 testing panel reports should have been provided upon request.