Pressure is now mounting on the FEI President Mr. Ingmar De Vos to be transparent or resign, following global outrage on two well publicised issues of dishonest equipment testing within the Fédération Equestre Internationale.

Documented in several press releases, including the most recent press release on the WTP NP Bit, members of the global equestrian community and media have continued to question the integrity of the FEI, its Departments and Committees in relation to equipment testing.

A matter of grave public concern, the FEI’s clear lack of integrity was first called into question in 2015, when the issue of the WTP NP Bit was brought to the attention of the global equestrian community by the WTP NP Bit Company and its founder Mr. Adrian Morgante.

Over the course of 36 months, new developments have continued to emerge, bringing to light unethical misconduct under the FEI Constitution and Code of Ethics, which compel its members to respond in a timely fashion, and provide information that is accurate, complete and objective.

Following the circulation of the recent press release on the WTP NP Bit, an issue which has immensely angered many worldwide, members of the equestrian community have contacted the FEI requesting a reason why the WTP NP Bit is not listed as approved on the FEI website.

A piece of equipment shown to be conducive to horse welfare and rider safety, the FEI and its President Mr. Ingmar De Vos have not supplied any reason since the FEI objection was withdrawn in 2016. Instead, they have taken a stance of silence and blatantly ignored members of the equestrian community without apology.

As a result, members of the equestrian community, including prolific individuals who are athletes and experts in their respective fields, have shared the following testimonies, which reflect the feelings of discontent and disbelief now rife amongst the global equestrian community.

In addition, National Federations and industry experts have clearly stated, as a matter of horse welfare, the WTP NP Bit should be approved for use in FEI Dressage competitions. However, it appears, such requests continue to fall on deaf ears within the FEI.

Based on email correspondence between the WTP NP Bit Company and the FEI, and what has transpired over the past 36 months, the global equestrian community is now infuriated by a matter that could have been resolved long ago by the FEI.

Had the FEI honoured its own Constitution and Code of Ethics and provided the 2014 WTP NP Bit testing reports and the alleged 2016 WTP NP Bit testing reports, the FEI would have maintained an image of transparency, rather than betray the values it supposedly upholds.

Echoing the 2008 scandal, whereby the FEI Dressage Committee was forced to resign immediately, we now face a case which is far more serious; one that threatens the welfare of horses, the safety of riders and the future of equestrianism on the global sporting stage.

The WTP NP Bit Company and its founder Mr. Adrian Morgante asks all individuals and organisations who care for horse welfare and rider safety to join in our request to receive the 2014 and 2016 WTP NP Bit testing reports at the 2018 General Assembly on the 16-20 November 2018.

In the event whereby these reports are not released, we invite your support in asking the following members of the FEI to resign, due to their involvement in what we allege to be a blatant cover-up regarding the WTP NP Bit and its approved use in FEI competitions:

In reference to the WTP NP Bit case, the following comments have been received from the media:

That all of the FEI claims regarding the WTP NP Bit were based on deception and lies to mislead the National Federations and equestrian community, which challenges the ethics, integrity and reputation of the FEI.

A sentiment now being felt in another recent case of dishonest equipment testing, publicised in the recent press release on the STS Safety Irons, which suggests there still exists a serious transparency problem within the FEI which must be rectified. The global equestrian community has had enough. They are bound by strict rules and transparency standards and expect no less from the FEI. The FEI presidency is a paid privilege and, therefore, the FEI President Mr. Ingmar De Vos must be completely transparent or resign. Press release on the STS Safety Irons : FEI President Faces safety equipment scandal

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