Despite indefensible evidence concerning the WTP Bit equipment testing and its approval for use at FEI-level competitions the FEI has failed to list it as now approved on the FEI web site.

A piece of equipment that is shown to enhance rider safety and horse welfare, deems the WTP Bit should have been approved in 2014. We believe we have not been provided the Equipment Working Groups reports in 2014 and the alleged 2016 reports, due to personal interests, biases and abuses of power within the FEI.

In breach of the FEI Constitution, Code of Ethics and new equipment testing procedures that compel all FEI members to respond in a timely manner, and provide information that is accurate, complete and objective, this matter remains of gravest public concern.

Violating deeply held values of honesty, integrity and transparency, of both the FEI and the global equestrian community, growing interest in this matter, including of equestrian athletes, professionals, participants and media, demand its timely resolution.

We have asked FEI president Mr. Ingmar de Vos, to fulfil new equipment testing procedures that stipulate the release of all information that is pertinent in the resolution of this matter both openly and without delay.

Further on the 31 October 2018 we asked Mr. De Vos the following giving him the opportunity to respond.

However, Mr. de Vos, was unable to deny any of our claims or the content of media articles in relation to this matter.

We have received many enquiries questioning why the FEI has failed to list the WTP Bit as approved for use in FEI-level competitions following the withdrawal of any previous objections.

Further Mr. De Vos stated in his 2014 election speech horses are our partners, and their welfare cannot be compromised. Therefore, it is the president’s duty to honour his promises, and the FEI constitution as the equestrian community and FEI sponsors would expect no less.

In addition, this is supported by the 37 expert reports that have stated the WTP Bit should be approved in the interest of horse welfare. We, therefore, ask the FEI to approve the WTP Bit for use in FEI-level competitions and disclose its approval status on the FEI website without further delay.

Media and other Enquiries

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